Friday, August 29, 2008

Preschool Days

" Here's my sweety Allie! She picked this outfit to wear to school so I said "What the heck!" She loves to dress up and since I made this dress I want her to show it off - haha. Grandma make the crown and I wondered if her teacher would care if she wore it in class. She didn't mind. Yae. Girl just wanna have fun!!
The wierd looking food thing is called a florentine garden ring stuffed with spinach, swiss cheese, ham, olives, tomatoes, onion, carrots and garlic. Sooo yummy, I made it for dindin. The kids won't eat it so Jay and I gobbled it up. Once in a while I have to make our favorite stuff & the kids get sandwiches or mac and cheese. They'll live.

Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Day in Salt Lake

We went to The Gateway outdoor shopping and activity area also this weekend. The kids love to be wet and swimming in the summer so this was perfect for all of us. We shopped and ate and ran in the fountains and went to the fun planetarium. We love Barnes and Noble too especially Allison because they have great stuffed unicorns. I even got to shop a little on my own for new sunglasses. Cheap thrills!! But not so cheap is my dream bed and bedding from Anthropologie, the coolest store ever! We had a very nice day and then went to our fav mexican restraunt Red Iguana. If you haven't been there you need to try it out and get the mole. It's fab!

Date in Park City

We got to go on a date alone together over the weekend to beautiful Park City, our fav town. It was very nice and relaxing. We went to hear a kid by the name of Jason Isbell play some funky southern blues and rock at a wonderful venue outdoors at The Canyons Resort. Jay loves this type of music and he has some of Jason's stuff. He does have a great voice. Jay was drooling over the Les Paul Gibson guitar the guy above in the band had so we had to take a pic. Those things are seriously major bucks like $20,000.00 Crazy! It was a really pretty day & nice sunset. And it was free, yae! Then we went to old Main Street and browsed the art galleries and saw the neat painting above. And then we got silly cuz we found our family initials (JJAM) on a shop door. HAHA. It was fun and a much needed adult time. The kids had fun with our fav sitter Jessica (next to grandma) and stayed up much too late.

Friday, August 22, 2008


Allison misses her brother now that he's back to school after a fun summer. So we've been having some fun playing together and just spending some quality mama and me time. She loves to play dress up as you can see. Her little tye-dye dress used to be our friend's in Cali - TinaTina. She's looking forward to starting school and asks everyday, "Is it time yet?". Oh to be so young and excited again! We love going to our friends' to play, playing at the park, and she really loves reading time at the library. My baby is growing so fast.
The thing in the tree is a bird feeder made out of a pinecone rolled in peanut butter & birdseed. We did this at scouts. Wendy Fowler is such a wonderful leader, we love her!! And the birds love the feeder, yae!

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Scouts & Grandma's

Allison & I went to visit Grandma Mac at her house. Allison loves to play dressup with the gowns my mom makes. She was Snow-White as you can tell. We love Grandma soooo much & she's the greatest!! Grandpa's nice too(not pictured cuz he's - guess where - sleeping) But really he's love his grandkids tons! Anyway, we had a nice visit & some of grandma's yummy homemade pizza, mmmm. Then it was back home & off to Cub Scout Pack Meeting - awards time!! Jorma got about 7 awards, BB Guns, Baseball, Conservation, Fishing, Birds, Maps & Compass etc. The boys loved it cuz we had a water balloon toss & fight & roasted marshmellows & made s'mores. Yum! Jorma thought it was the best one yet! Thanks Den Master Ray!


We had a nice weekend spending time outdoors with the kids. Went to a few parks, saw some wierd Heron type birds by Timponogos Temple and tried to get creative by taking some pics of the kids with some old time cars. We saw some huge geese too so Allison chased them around. Jay & Jorma did some yard art while we all swam in the kiddie pool. It was nice & refreshing. We love swimming and the weather is so nice now for it, perfect.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

School Time

The kids are back to school. They were actually excited which I was surprised by. I thought Jorma wouldn't be ready for summer fun to end but he's so cute. He said "Mom I like my teacher & the desks are new & silver & shiney!" He had a great first day. Allison starts next week with our wonderful Miss Kerry. So we are grateful for great teachers & fun school experiences.

Saturday, August 16, 2008


Jay's wonderful art!


Here's the happy family after my nephew's baptism. We rarely get dressed up so time to get a photo while we can!