Wednesday, January 21, 2009


Here's our freezing house buried under all the snow, burrr. We just got pounded this year! And yes that is a swimming pool wrapped around our swamp cooler. Tacky, I know but it served its purpose in a bind and then we never found the cover and by then it was too icy to climb up and change it. Someday we'll laugh.
Poor Jorma has to earn his keep. Builds character I say.. He actually love diggin in the snow so this seemed like a good idea - dig but move it out of the way. He loves the snow and has been loving going snowboarding and sledding. I get a kick out of it until he keeps smackin his head on the ice. Can you say concussion??
Our beautiful Christmas tree keeps on giving joy in the form of a tree-sickle. We stuck it out back & it's still pretty in a way. As you can see it's snowed a bit since then.
Allison got this Strawberry Shortcake tea set for Christmas. She loves it!

Here she is enjoying a cuppa with mom. She's so funny and very girly. She's loving preschool still and we just adore her teacher. She is so lucky as is Jorma with a great teacher too. Jorma was so excited about the inauguration of a new president and was so impressed with the huge amount of people there. He was really in awe. He learned so much but was really thrilled to find out that there was lots of security with guns and snipers around for protection. My little buddy is very into guns at the moment. We just laugh cuz he's been choosing friends based on the amount of toy guns they have. Joy. It's interesting for us because we are so anti-gun, violence, etc. But I say teach them to use it safely and respectfully for less accidents. Oh the lessons we learn...

Friday, January 2, 2009

Christmas 2009

What a fun Christmas we had with my sister and her fam in Colorado this year. The kids were wild and so excited as expected. It was a busy house with the 6 little sillies! They had such a good time together as did the adults. My parents were there too so it was a nice gathering. It's so cool to see the kids joy and realize they get to have some of the same family traditions I grew up with and create some new ones as well. None of us got a lot of sleep but that's ok, it was worth it! I think the kids only slept about 4 hours on Christmas eve due to the excitement of Santa coming. They are all so cute!
There were many games played by the time we left and we love it. We are a family of gamers that's for sure! The drive was neat especially through Vail as we saw lots of wild life like buffalo and big horn sheep. Jorma loved seeing the snow borders doing the half pipe, it was truly breathtaking. All that snow!! Oh my!!
What a good time!