Friday, October 24, 2008

Tales of the Heeby Creepy!!

Once upon a hallow eve,we gathered for a creepy train ride....
on the Heber Creeper....

poor little Allison was scared while some of us were excited...

Then the ghosts came....

And other scary ones....

There were also cute gnomes with gramps...

But the scariest of all was Grampa Conehead (aka Tom Bosley in the cartoon David the Gnome). Silly and scary fun was had by all!!

Friday, October 17, 2008

Witchy Times at Gardner Village

Well, it's fall break for our kids - yae! It's always great to have extra time together and do fun things. The kids and I picked up Grandma and went to a cute shopping area with great decor for the season called Gardner Village. The kids love the excitement of Halloween and they go all out here. The theme - witches!! Lots of different witches, human or stuffed, either way it's good fun!

Spooky owl!
Here's a good one of my sweetie. She was lookin like a yummy candy corn! Did I mention this is my fav holiday? Well it is if you can't tell. The weather is so totally awesome right with that great October crispness in the air.

A beautiful view of the moon rising over Timp at twilight from our living room. Can't you just picture the bats flying in front of this scene?? Mwaaaaahhh!!!!

Grandma and Jojo goofin' around and trying on hats. Aren't we a silly bunch? I loved Jorma's with the big orange spider emerging from it. Cool man...

This is a groovy looking witch. She reminds me of Cher. What a fun time we had!! The only thing we didn't do was eat a caramel apple, darn it! The lines were just tooo long! Oh well, I'm sure we'll find one soon.

Wednesday, October 8, 2008


These are some of our fav Halloween books. This one is very cute and has great illustrations! This artist does other great stories too.
We love this book, especially at Halloween. It's so cute and sweet!

This is an all time favorite of our families too. It's pretty neat. Grammie Mac always reads it to the kids.


Allison and the cousins Becca, Mary, Haylee (pictured) Avery, and Katie went to the waterfalls Thanksgiving Point gardens to pose in their wonderful Halloween costumes that Grammie Mac made. Each one is a little different and special in it's own way. Thanks so much Grammie. We love you so!
Then we went to the Hutchings Museum for Harry Potter night. The kids loved it as did the grownups. They were so creative and made it so fun and a little spooky. It's a very old place to begin with so just thinking about creepy things gave us a little thrill. They had very cool exhibits too. The kids got up close and personal with some neat owls, bugs and rats. Fun times.. Now if the other 5 cousins were there too dang it! We missed you Ethan, Isabel, Bryce, Rory and Kyle. But we can't wait to see you at Thanksgiving!

Here we are again but not so happy as the sun is making us crazy! The little ones had a rough time but are so cute anyway.
Here's my sweet little mermaid Ariel (Alli)..

Cutie pie!
We lit our fireplace for the first time this season. As you can see the kids love it! I dropped the ball tho, no marshmallows. What was I thinking? We are loving fall and the crispness in the air! We've tried to be outdoors as much as possible because winter is coming...