Thursday, July 23, 2009

My sweet Alli Pearl!

Allison lost her first tooth! Not from hanging like a monkey like in this picture. She's just showing me her new talent which totally freaked my out to watch but I had to just bite my tongue & not say anything. She loves the monkey bars & has been able to cross them for a while now. She was determined to learn when she was only 4. She's my monkey! We were at the pool the other day & she went on the highest water slide over & over again when her 9 year old brother would have nothing to do with it. Anyway, she did loose one of her bottom teeth & got $1.50 & some candy. She was thrilled! They sure grow fast!

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Oquirrh Mountain Utah Temple

We went to an open house in Riverton Utah to the tour new temple last week. The entire family was there minus Andy my little bro as he had to work. It's a very beautiful place and it's on a hill that has a gorgeous view! So good to be together for this. Lots of love was present. Front row left to right - Bryce, Rory, Mary, Isabel, Allison, Jorman, Alex, Ethan, Becca & Haylee. Back row - Sara, Jim, Kyle, Tim, Leslie, Marcie, Jay, Todd, Katie, Jennifer, Avery, and Summer.
It's been a busy summer with lots of fun stuff and not so fun. Mom's cancer is back so that's been rough for her. Her pain is getting better but we just continue to pray for a miracle!