Friday, March 5, 2010

Valentines Day & other fun stuff!

Wow, it's been a while since I've written. I mostly use this as a journal or record of events but the facebook bug bit so I've been slacking but no more! My cute kiddies always love getting lots of loot for any holiday so why not Valentines day since they are my sweeties! Here they have some stuffed animals & candy of course. They were so excited "Oh mommy, thank you, Allison says"
Allison has been losing teeth left & right (no not from all the candy) and now she has no front teeth at all. A very cute stage! They went to the dentist & have great teeth. Jorma is playing basketball at the local rec center & his team is jamin with his help. He loves it & I'm glad! He just got his report card & did so well, straight A's!! You go Jojo or Chaka as we call him Land of the Lost with Will Ferrell to understand this!
Flowers from the hubby. Isn't he the greatest? I think so. I'm so lucky!!!!
Us oldies! but goodies!! Just kickin around in the mountains. We love to get out & about even in the freezing cold. We've been busy with work & kids & family. My mom is not doing well with her cancer bout but we just spend time together & give lots of love! She's the greatest & we just wish her the best.