Saturday, December 11, 2010


Well, we made it!!!!!!!!! Yipeeee!!!!! To the Happiest Place on Earth!!!!!!!!!
We're so happy we finally got to Disneyland as a family for the first time!!! It was awesome!! We went Thanksgiving week as a surprise for the kids. They had no clue. They didn't even know we were going to Cali. I had their bags packed & hidden away. They were wondering whose car was parked out front (the rental).....then, bam! Surpise, wake up!! We got them up at 3am & they were in shock & disbelief. When we told Jorma "We're going to California right now so wake up!" he said "Ya, right" then rolled over & tried to sleep. So we drove 13 hours straight to Ventura & stayed with our friends, Eric & Audrey & Stella & Laurel for 3 days. We played at the beach & had a great time seeing friends & Ruby. Then we headed for grandma Helen & grandpa Jerry's in Yucaipa. Then the next morning we woke them up at 6am "Let's go! We're going to our friends' house!" So when we ended up at Disneyland, they were shocked & thrilled. I think they still can't believe we did all that.

Allison got to dance with Mary Poppins & Bert & the band in front of Sleeping Beauty's Castle. She had a ball!!

The Castle at night was gorgeous & magical. We had such a great time!! DISNEYLAND ROCKS!!!